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Customers choose us, ServiceNext, because of our substantial industry experience and focus on building enterprise grade smartbot solutions. This distinction of ours has helped our customers realize their ROI right off the gate.

Along with our business acumen and methodology our solution is empowered with 6 state of the art features, that truly make a business, a leader in its sphere.


The actual 360 degree Solution

Our AI-based solution comes as a platform, with a host of prebuilt functionalities tuned to 30+ industry use cases. The advancement it has is, having a conversational builder, conversation builder, business application integrator, complete analytics provider, customer engagement platform along with the right tools for enterprise integration and authentication with systems of record.


Industry Leading NLP Engine

Our solution is infused with rich and customised NLP engines, that requires less training data and oversight time. This leads to least false positives and much more satisfying user experiences. Our platform also provides logic exits that allow you to extend the platform to leverage your own ML models or custom task implementations.


Instant Bot Deployment

The SnX Bot Builder empowers us to provide an easy, repeatable, and uniform method for building, testing, and deploying chatbots. We thereby, eliminate the need for expensive resources like hardware, custom development software, or hosting. Unlike the competition, each component of the chatbots we build for a business are entirely reusable, saving hours repeating the same process over and over and giving a business more time to innovate and boost itself.


True Omni-Channel Experience

Our smartbot technology, can be easily deployed to multiple communication channels with a single configuration, while offering flexibility to customize responses and use UI elements of each channel. Unlike the competition, that requires customers to use and maintain up-to-date channel specific BotKits, connectors and channel specific APIs.


Deep Business Integrations

We believe in Compatability which allows our Conversational AI solution to be easily integrated with industry leading CRMs,BRMs,ITSMS and many more. This in true sense is an actual future proofed AI solution


Unmatched Support

Our Solution keeps critical data safe while giving businesses centralized control over their information. Unlike competitors who focus on consumer chatbots to the detriment of enterprise needs, exceeds enterprise-grade standards with comprehensive administrative controls.

Not all Chatbots are created equal!

Not all platforms are created equal, so don’t get stuck with an incomplete solution, know the capabilities to look for, red flags to avoid and hard questions to ask.

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