Let me be blunt. The idea behind starting a B2C business is to make hefty margins. And truly, that is the main purposes. The other objectives include becoming a leader in the designated market space, amassing a huge number of customers and always being innovative.

In a bid to do so, businesses tend to spend a lot. And this spending is directed towards service/product marketing, upgrading products/services and managing customer service; resulting sometimes, in outcomes that may not really be as expected or as consistent (even if you have a customer winning strategy at hand!).

So, what can a business do to stay on its “envisioned goal” without having to invest extra? Well, the answer is — one, is to increase allocation of budgets in bringing out an awesome product, and two introducing a chatbot in all the customer interactions.

Introducing the money-saver, Mr. Chatbot

blog marketing bot

A simple representation of ServiceNext’s marketing & lead generation smart bot

Now, here is what a bot can do to save you a chunk of spends from the yearly planned budgets

1.Reduce the monthly recurring costs such as investments in outbound sales
2.Cut down investments in marketing
3.Reduce FTE counts in customer service, sales & marketing

And while your bot or rather bots are doing these, they give you insights about your customers; allowing you to make your product/service better.

Insights, for the “inside information”

A customized dashboard designed for one of our customers

So, as mentioned earlier, bots enable businesses with customer insight (provided the bot vendor had the capability). This can be tapped into to understand what a customer actually needs, enabling businesses to deliver products/services that are more targeted, rather than going by the norm of “one size fits all”

A quick success — ServiceNext built and deployed a bot solution for Skoda Auto. We also gave the Czech Automobile Giant an insights panel. (Say hello to jessie @ https://www.skoda-auto.co.in/)

Leveraging the panel and the AI engine that supports it, Skoda has been able to understand what the customer wants. And it has in a short while made selling more focused and customer centric.

The insights panel designed for Skoda also enabled the automobile giant to understand areas of a customer’s interest, demographics and many more — something that we call Customer360. And this information came entirely from the chatbot that is either speaking to your customer over a website or a messenger.

If your business needs a customer 360 bot solution (dashboard & a bot) for your enterprise you can click the link — https://tinyurl.com/y6nyszbor write to us at hello@servicenext.ai and we’ll set up a quick demo for you.

Multi-Channel Availability anywhere, anytime!”

A generic representation of what omni-channel means

Multi-Channel availability is also an advantage that a chatbot empowers the modern B2C business with. Your business can be available to the customer on either Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat etc.,

This level of availability also ensures that your customers stay connected to your business and engage in meaningful transactions anywhere, anytime.

An extrapolation of multi-channel availability is omni-channel experience.

A quick introduction — Omni-channel experience is a simple continuation of conversations across different channels.

For instance, a user is engaging in a conversation with a chatbot on an e-commerce website. And suddenly the conversation is interrupted due to reasons unknown; the user can pick up his mobile phone and start conversing with the bot available on the messenger — at that point in time where the conversation was left off.

How to own a bot to realize the above-mentioned benefits

Well its fairly simple to own a bot for your enterprise. All you have to do is choose the right vendor, and the right vendor will usually qualify with the following pre-requisites

  • Extensive domain expertise
  • Presence of a bot platform
  • Use of advanced AI and NLP
  • Presence of a trial period

Once your bot vendor fulfills all these conditions you can start engaging with the vendor.

A little about ServiceNext:

ServiceNext is a bot solution provider that focuses on enabling B2C enterprises with the much-needed competitive advantage. What sets it apart is the domain experience across verticals of Telecom, Automotive, E-commerce, Travel and many more.

Since it uses an always updated bot platform, ServiceNext can easily deploy a bot for enterprises within 6 weeks.

It also allows its customers to use their proprietary bot solution for a certain period, during which the customer will not be required to pay anything upfront, even though they are realizing the envisioned benefits.

Businesses can also rely on ServiceNext since it has been working with enterprises like Neopost, Skoda, Manipal Global Education and many more.

Seems interesting? Then start engaging!