When: Thursday, 26th September, 2019

Time: 8 AM PST | 9 AM MST | 10 AM CST | 11 AM EST

In today’s Information Technology ecosystem, an IT Service Desk’s performance impacts the speed of product & service delivery. And, better the health of a Service Desk, better is the maintenance of the infrastructure that supports an enterprise.

However, owing to varied market dynamics Service Desks are further pressured to deliver 24/7 consistent services aimed towards infrastructure stability, network stability, asset management and more.

Such targets create operational bottlenecks, reduces speed of support and increases costs.

AI Chatbots in such situations can be helpful by providing the much-needed targeted support, and automatically handling a bulk of requests such as:

  • Addressing incidents & service requests
  • Routing incidents to the right departments
  • Sending proactive alerts to affected parties
  • Handling asset requests

And these are one of the few advantages AI Chatbots empower the Service Desk with

Know more about the other more important benefits of AI Chatbots designed for ITSM from our webinar and understand how they can take the complexity out of ITSM operations in less than 4 weeks*.

Key Takeaways from the webinar

  • Introduction to AI chatbots for IT Service Management
  • Demonstration of AI chatbot automation capabilities
  • Ways on how to evaluate vendors fit for your ITSM integrations
  • Introduction to success stories enabled by AI Chatbots


Vinil Vadi
CEO & Co-Founder,

About Vinil Vadi

An Expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Conversational AI. His expertise stems from extensive work on messaging platforms, Enterprise systems and RPA. He currently heads the Artificial Intelligence CoP at Suneratech & ServiceNext.

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