The role of an HR department in an organization is a momentous one. It, as a departmentis tasked with ensuring an enterprise reaches its goals and enhances its value.

However, in reality the role of the HR department or more specifically HRs is transactional; allowing them to focus mostly on:

  • Onboarding new users
  • Answering HR related FAQs
  • Hiring resources
  • Processing claims and reimbursement
  • Initiation of re-skilling and up-skilling of the workforce

Chatbots here can be real problem solvers. They can take the load of these transactional requests by answering them; and allowing the HR department to focus on bringing in operational excellence in the work environment – which is the crux of the webinar replay.

So, know more about AI-powered HR smart bots from webinar replay and how they fuel and enterprise’s growth, fast!

Key takeways from the Webinar:

  • How AI-powered HR smart bots can reduce costs by 22%
  • Methodologies that reduce cost to hire & employee attrition
  • Real-time demo of an HR-Smart bot
  • Introduction to HR smart bot enabled success stories


Vinil Vadi
CEO & Co-Founder,

About Vinil Vadi

An Expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Conversational AI. His expertise stems from extensive work on messaging platforms, Enterprise systems and RPA. He currently heads the Artificial Intelligence CoP at Suneratech & ServiceNext.

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